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Concept / Photography & Band Design

Branding, photography and concept for XOLO Eclair Patisserie. For this Mexican/Israeli patisserie concept we took inspiration from the emblematic Mexican Talavera tiling art as well from the Art Nouveau and Renaissance artistic movements. While creating the concept I directed the visual concept towards making a reference on the European fine art style, specifically from France and the Mexican cultures. For the photography we followed the aesthetic inspiration of Still Life photography. The final assets, such as Menu Design, Photography, and Marketing Copy Display were used strategically on an instagram based online store.


Work -> Instagram Grid Curation, Branding and Concept and Photography and Styling 

Platform Instagram

Software Illustrator / Lightroom / Photoshop / Planoly

2Artboard 1@300x.png
2Artboard 1@300x.png
2Artboard 4@300x-100.jpg
2Artboard 1@300x-100.jpg
2Artboard 3@300x-100.jpg
2Artboard 5@300x-100.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 16.37.30.png

Photography / Cconcept / Brand Design


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