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2019 - PRESENT

MAD Design (Israel)
Candid Velvet Studio & ALUMBRA 


Started working on my personal design project (MAD) for branding and photography, alongside other design projects with partners (Candid Velvet Studio, ALUMBRA). Among our clients' portfolio, we have the Municipality of Yafo - Web Design, Freedom House - Branding & Campaign Design for WAADC (Washington DC-Based, NGO), 40DIAS Project - Branding & Communication Strategy (Mexico City-Based) & TINAU - Branding & Web Design, and others.

Feb - May 2019

UBQ (Israel)

Graphic Designer (Paid Internship)

UBQ Materials, Israel based company of upcycled, bio-based thermoplastic composites that are sustainable, recyclable, and competitively priced. I created visual content for the company including presentations and company decks. Helped create a strong and consistent brand identity while working on the design of editorial scientific pieces.

2017 - 2018

RITUAL (Los Angeles, US)

Designer and Office Manager
Ritual is a new kind of health brand.

that believes in simplicity, traceability,

and ingredients that work best for the body.

I was in charge of Office Management

at the headquarters in LA. I worked to make

the office culture fun and rewarding, as

well as managing the onboarding

experience. I did design and photo

work for our ads and social networks too.

2015 - 2017

IDEA (Mexico)
International Development Accelerator

Creative Design Lead

IDEA International is a start-up specialized in creating international, cultural and technological workshops and experiences in order to inspire worldwide change.

I acted as graphic designer and creator of all visual content for the company.

2014 - 2016

Tea & Coffee Co. (Mexico)

Designer and Community Manager
Tea and Coffee Co. is a Fair Trade company that distributes organic products. I created the visual content for Instagram with exclusive brand photography and was in charge of social networking and graphic design.

2014 - 2014

WOBI (Mexico)

Graphic Design Intern

WOBI creates transformative live experiences, congresses, and conferences for thousands of business executives. I worked on creating visual image for their “WOBI on Innovation 2014” event and as graphic image collaborator for the “World Business Forum 2014”.

2012 - 2013

Firefish (Mexico)

Graphic Designer

Firefish is a social networking, web marketing, and web design firm. I contributed to projects related to the corporate image, logo design, advertising, and business cards.

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