Branding / Graphic Concept / Brand Consultan

Branding for the education platform Edukatzia.  


Edukatzia is an innovative online education AI system that functions throughout text messages. It creates tailor-made courses that professionally prepare job seekers in Mexico City. It's business model is targeted on the idea off a democratic and a free-for-all educational system. After graduating form their courses its participants may be eligible to apply and work for diverse companies in the Mexican Metropolitan area. I was hired as a freelancer to create their branding and visual communication and continue as a Brand Consultant for the company today. 

Platform Instagram / Whatsapp

Software Illustrator / InDesign / Keynote

Logotype / Graphic Elements / Typography

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 13.28.59.png

Typography / Color Applictions

Social Media Applications (Instagram Examples)


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