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Branding / Digital Visual Strategy & Communication  

Branding, concept  and communication strategy for 40 Días Project. This initiative was created at the beginning of the pandemic while we were in the first quarantine. The purpose was to create a digital space where we can give something back to the community in these abruptly uncertain times. With a team o 5 other interdiciplinary people we gathered a diverse group of professionals to speak and share their knowledge on a 45min based conferences throughout Instagram Live. We rapidly increased the growth of our community catapulting from a few hundred followers in the first week to 5k by the end of the month. The project was set up to last for 40 days (historical definition for days of quarantine). It was targeted for the Spanish speaking community and we got the recognition from "New Not Normal" a canada based project born from Ukai collective that focused its efforts on sharing emotions and independent projects with the world in an online portal on the time of the pandemic. I was the creative director of the project as well as the communication strategist.

Platform Instagram / Facebook

Software Illustrator / Keynote

MUArtboard 1.png
MUArtboard 1 copy.png

Logotype Design

MUArtboard 5.png
MUArtboard 4.png
MUArtboard 2.png





Illustrations & Content for the Brand

MUArtboard 3.png

Graphic Language


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